FAQ (what is this thing?)

Q: what is this, anyway?
A: this is a dynamic voting site for user18081971 to know what tracks people want to be remastered and properly released. you can come back anytime and change your vote.

Q: is this an official thing?
A: this was created collaborating with (and approved by) user18081971 - but fan made.

Q: will the top 30 tracks be what gets released?
A: user18081971 has indicated the final results won't make an exact release, but will help form a strong basis to compile something "by the fans".

Q: who is user18081971
A: aphex twin, aka richard d james

Q: how long will this run for?
A: this site + poll will run over many months (at least the rest of 2015), to let people properly take in the tracks and change their vote accordingly.

Q: there are already a ton of votes for different tracks i want! what difference will my vote make?
A: the 'results page' user18081971 will see is different to what the public sees. we fully expect people's votes will change over time...

Q: what new features will this site add?
A: over the coming months we're planning on adding a bunch of new stuff - including playlist sharing and voting. make sure you enter your email on the profile page for updates!

Q: how can i suggest improvements or changes?
A: please jump on forum.watmm.com and add your suggestions to the voting thread, or get in touch with @xfxf

Q: what do the "poll stats" mean?
A: the poll stats show the information for the poll you are looking at. "voters" is how many people have voted, "track votes" is individual tracks that have ever been voted for, including changed/removed votes.